5 March 2020

Berlinale Talents 2020


From 19th February - 2nd March, I went to Berlin, Germany, to be a part of The Berlin International Film Festival's talent development programme for 250 emerging filmmakers and series creators from all over the world.

My impression of the whole event was very satisfied. I went there with a single goal, and that is NOT to be self-censorship in anything. During my entire stay, I expressed my thought freely, and in return, I experienced much the same tone and responses from my old friends and new creative friends around the world. We were very much in our element. I want to thank you all for listening to my story and respect me as a human being. 

Now, I must focus on the most pressing concern right now, that is to be aware and alerted about the current global crisis. CORVID 19. I pray for all my friends in Thailand and around the world. We shall overcome this, hopefully. 

Lastly, I want to thank Khun Nontawat @Mobile Lab, Khun Maren @Goethe Institut Thailand, all the lovely Berlinale Talents Staffs, all my sound studio friends around the world and all the other Talents I've met. I am very much looking forward to reconnecting and sharing more inspiring stories and ideas with all of you soon! 



15 February 2020

Hi, this is Nannue. How’s it going?


An update from Musicity X Bangkok X WonderFruit today. The VDO is out. The Artists speak about the project and their perspective on each specific site!

Once again, thank you Musicity and WonderFruit.


You can click the link below to find out the location that you can hear the sound from the artists!




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