Old News 2019

31 October 2019

I will be a part of Musicity at the theatre stage, WONDERFRUIT 2019.


Musicity is the brainchild of BBC 3 DJ, producer, and music geek Nick Luscombe. With Musicity, artists from all over the world convene in iconic or interesting spaces to create sounds inspired by the physical spaces they visit. For Wonderfruit, Bangkok's landmarks will be shared as original tracks at Theatre Stage by Erased Tapes artists.

19 October 2019

MAY-T NOIJINDA's SOUND ART EXHIBITION "THRU AIR ON KEY STRINGS," at Subhashok The Arts Centre. This project consisted of 25 vifa Speakers, 500 detail-orientated tracks of found sound and recorded ambiance that run simultaneously in Ableton Live.


I was closely working with MAY-T on a 50 minute Sound Edit, Design, Ambient Recording, mixing, and mastering. I successfully created a hyper-realistic sound environment to be a part of the Artist's SOUND ART final vision. This exhibition is truly a one-time thing and cannot be missed.


I want to thank Khun MAY-T, Khun Tossawat Chotivong from InEarBeat, vifa Speaker, Khun Bacha, and Khun Podduang from Subhashok The Arts Centre. 


You can hear "THRU AIR ON KEY STRINGS": MAY-T NOIJINDA's SOUND ART EXHIBITION at Subhashok The Arts Centre from today until early December 2019. Take your time and make space in your mind before the show starts.


More details can be found via this link,




The fantastic poster was designed by Khun Saruda Suansaard

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