A Life that is fulfilled with Sound

Nannue Tipitier is a Thai electronic music composer and producer based in Bangkok.

His debut album “Nannue Tipitier” released in 2002 was a fresh sound and something different to the ears back then for the Thai music scene. His experimental sounds and ambient techno works have made Nannue Tipitier familiar name in the local Thai underground electronic music sphere over the years, as he continued to work with well-known local artists and record labels such as May-T ModernDog, DJ Suharit, Futon, Gene Kasidit, TuanArmy, and So:: On Label.

Nannue Tipitier collaborated with Console for a Goethe Institute Global’s “Die AsiaPazifische Platte: The Asian-Pacific Plate: Collaborations in Electronic Music project" in 2007 and co-produced a track with Acid Pauli for the Get Lost V Compilation in 2012, released by Damian Lazarus's Crosstown Rebels Label. He was also featured in compilations with RouteR and Japan’s Volvox Records alongside ZK and other international artists. In 2019 he also participated with Musicity X Wonderfruit and composed a song for Democracy monument. 

Nannue Tipitier now extends his experimental sounds on to film scoring, having produced original soundtracks in collaboration with the Thai director Nontawat Numbenchapol for the films GAZE & HEAR (2011), Boundary (2013), BY THE RIVER (2013), and most recently Soil Without Land (2019).

Nannue is a Berlinale Talents 2020 and currently working as a Freelance Audio Producer and a private audio teacher. He is constantly seeking new knowledge, collab and release audio work independently. 

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