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2019 - SOIL WITHOUT LAND - documentary feature (Visions Du Reel, International Competition)

2013 - BY THE RIVER - documentary feature (Locarno, Special Mention) 

2013 - BOUNDARY - documentary feature (Berlinale, Forum) 



Katenan Juntimathorn was born in 1979 and grew up in Bangkok. He is a Thai film composer and music producer, who is widely recognized for his variety of music work. He studied for over 8 years in the U.K. from 1993-2000. He graduated from Brighton University in FineArt Printmaking in 2001.


After his Audio Engineering Diploma graduation in 2002, he started to work as an active audio engineering and electronic music lecturer for over ten years with SAE Institute for over 10 years and for 6 months with SAE Paris.


In 2007 He was endorsed by Dj Hans Nieswandt and Goethe Institute Global in “Die Asia-Pazifische Platte: The Asian-Pacific Plate: Collaborations In Electronic Music project” as a music producer together with Mr. Martin Gretschmann a.k.a. Console and Acid Pauli. A pair produced 2 very exclusive ambient tracks and performed a live electronic music set in Bangkok (2007) and Köln (2008).


In 2011-2012, he composed Musical compositions and operated in an experiment theatre work with B Floor Theatre Company, 'Survival Games' with thirty extremely talented actors, team members, designers, and two very outstanding directors Nana Dakin and Teerawat Mulvilai under the great support and supervision from Wellcome Collection, UK, in collaboration with the Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU). 


Since 2017, after a graduation in MA Audio Production in the U.K. with Westminster University, he became a freelance audio producer and continuing to pursue his music production career in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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